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Day 2 - That Twitchy Eye That Twitches

Day 2 - That Twitchy Eye That Twitches


Survivor: Soul Island

16 contestants fight for the prize of a million dollars. Drama, action, comedy, all wrapped into one! Stay tuned!



Updates will most likely be the weekends when I actually have time to make the comic. Probably Friday/Sat/Sund. Just wanted to let you know.

Posted by StarMan45 @ October 21st, 2013, 5:02 pm
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Character Application

(Application form is full credit to swsu)

What is your Fan Characters Name?
What species are they?
What Series Are They From
Any Pictures of Them? If Not a good description
Tell Me About Their Personality
Sum Up The Character In 1-2 Words
What Types of People would They Side with?
What Types of People would They Avoid?
How do they handle Physically?
How Smart Are They? Game Smart and Book Smart?
IF they make the Family Challenge who do you want to come? (Can be another FC from that world)
IF they make the Jury/Finals what do you want their outfit to be? (Cannot be same as normal)
What Type of Game would they Play?
Any Interesting Facts or Quirks your character has that would make them interesting?
Can You Give Me A Sample on how they talk so I can write for them better?
(OPTIONAL) On 1 - 10 how good do you think your fc will do.

Anyway send this through a pm. Thanks.

This is for next season.

Posted by StarMan45 @ December 9th, 2012, 2:17 pm
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